The Voice of Ireland

     I don’t even know where to start.  It is all such a blur.  But I know it was the best nights I have ever had.  I met so many people, so old some new, some famous some not, it was just so amazing.  I guess I shall start from the beginning.

     We woke up super early (half 5 in the morning) to catch our flight to Dublin.  I always love getting up early to catch a flight because the roads are so quiet; it is like I’m in another world.  We got to the airport and went through security, which is something I always worry about.  I know that I won’t make the metal detector go off but I still worry lol.  Prestwick Airport is really small so it only has one shop.  Me and my sister went to the alcohol aisle and found that Russian Standard Vodka is like £14 for a litre of vodka.  It was so cheap, I wanted to buy some but I wouldn’t be able to take it on the plane so I didn’t lol.  We then went to the gate and I was again worried that I would be stopped because it has happened once before and I was raging when it happened, I didn’t want it to happen again.  Lucky it never did.  I then slept on the plane and like 20 minutes later, we had arrived in Dublin.

     Dublin airport is like a million miles long, it is huge.  And the Ryanair flights are at the back at the airport, so we have to walk the whole length of the airport but I don’t mind.  I go to Ireland often enough that I am used to it.  We then went to get our bagels, which is basically a tradition with my family.  So we were sat in the cafe with our bagels and coffee, and I just felt like I was at home.  I love it.  We then went to our hotel and it was so nice, a lot better than I thought it would be for the price we paid.  We went to our room and got lost quite a few times, due to the fact that it was kind of complicated and we have no sense of direction.  We then decided to spend the day in the lobby because there was no point in going into the city as nothing would be open on a Sunday and it would just cost us quite a bit of money to go in, so we stayed in the hotel.  I, my mum and my sister leaned a lot about each other that day.  I brought this book with me called ‘If’ and it had questions like ‘If you could dine alone with anyone from any period in history, which person would it be?’  It was a very interesting afternoon.  The under 18s and the under 21s Dublin Hurling team were also in our hotel, which made our afternoon even better.  Everyone likes a bit of eye candy lol.  We then went to get ready to go to the show at The Helix. 

     We get to The Helix and it is already busy at 4 o’clock.  There are no assigned seats so everyone wants to be early to get a good seat.  We got in the queue and me and my mum started to have a little argument.  We only had 2 tickets for the show and there were 3 of us, so my mum said she would watch it in the lobby.  I didn’t want her too because it was her idea to go to see The Voice, so we had a bit of an argument but then she did this face which basically said I have lost the argument.  We were on the waiting list anyway so we were hoping to get another ticket if there were any available.  We then saw some of our friends and went upstairs to wait with everyone else.  We had a few drinks and caught up with our friends, and then we had to line up so we could get in.  I still felt terrible that my mum couldn’t get in but one of our friends came running up shouting that he had a ticket for her and everyone started to cheer.  I was so relieved.  My mum then ran to get her ticket and we were starting to go into the hall where The Voice was being filmed live.  We saved her a seat and as soon as we saw her in the hall, we all cheered again.  Everything was just falling into place.  As it was being recorded live, the stage manager was telling us that we had to cheer at certain times and to make sure we clapped for everyone, even if we didn’t like them.  Then the show started.

     First of all the ‘coaches’ came on and took their seats.  One of the ‘coaches’ is called Bressie and OMG he is a fucking God.  He is so tall and so good looking.  It was like ‘WOW’.  Then the show really started and my friend Conor (the whole reason we flew to Dublin) was the first person.  He was opening the show.  He was absolutely amazing.  He had ‘man flew’ but he killed it.  I got chills watching it and I have goose bumps just writing about it now.  When he finished, he got the loudest applause I have ever heard and we all stated chanting for him.  He looked to where we were and I was just so proud.  This is someone whom I have known my whole life and it is just so surreal to see him on stage in a singing completion, in the quarter finals.  It was mad.  After his performance, it was all a bit of a blur because I didn’t really know who else was on the show.  But when it was the first ad breaks, I ran down to where the ‘coaches’ sat and got Bressie’s autograph.   I was so happy.  The show from then on was a blur.  When the first show finished, we went outside and got some drinks and I could not stand still.  I was on adrenaline and I was just so excited.


     It was now onto the results show and one of friends who wasn’t at the before show, came for the results.  We were lucky we had an empty seat in from of us that she could sit it.  We gave her my mum’s ticket and her husband went out and got her.  Everything was falling into place again lol.   Before they announced the results, a band came on.  I was so excited to see this band.  They are just amazing.  They are The Coronas.  They are an Irish band and are really big in Ireland.  They aren’t that well known in other places but they are starting to get bigger in the UK now.  I’m going to see them in Glasgow in a few weeks and I can’t wait.  They were truly amazing.  Very much like The Script, Ed Sheeran, The Kooks but they still had that Celtic Soul in them.  My music style completely.

     Then it was time for us to hear the results.  Who would be going through to the semi finals?  It was so tense; I was on the edge of my seat.  They announced who were through in the coaches groups.  Conor’s group was last to be announced and I don’t even know how much nerves he must have been feeling at that point because even I was super nervous.  She then said Connor’s name and everyone in our row and the row in front of us jumped up and could not stop screaming and cheering for him, it was unreal.   It is such a good feeling.  I didn’t really pay attention to who else went through until it was Bressie’s turn to choose which act he wanted to save.  The one who he would be saved would be up against Conor.  Pat Byrne was chosen to go through to the semi finals and Conor now has some serious competition because Pat is also really good but we have no doubt that he will do amazing.

     After the show we went to the lobby to wait for Conor and caught up with friends.  Me and my mum went to go and find this person called Gari Deegan; he was the one who gave my mum her ticket.  I was so grateful that I said ‘hi’ then hugged him after like 5 seconds of meeting him lol.   If he hadn’t given my mum his ticket, she wouldn’t have got in to see the show.  He is such a good guy.  We then saw Conor come down the stairs and he got such loud cheers.  He saw me, my mum and my sister and you could tell he was shocked that we were there.  He knew we were coming but he still looked surprised.  He has so many fans and people wanting pictures with him that it wasn’t until like 20 minutes later that we got to see him and congratulate him.  We didn’t see him for long because he was so popular.  It was quite funny because his brother was getting his picture taken with people who he didn’t know because he is Conor’s brother.  It was just one of the most surreal nights of my life.

     But it doesn’t stop there.  We went to the after party at this pub called Cassidy’s.  We saw that some of friends were already there so we went up to them and OMG who were we standing next to? THE CORONAS, EOGHAN MCDERMOTT AND LAURA WHITMORE.  As soon as I saw them I was like ‘FUCK’ and had the biggest smile on my face.  This night just kept on getting more surreal as it went on.  I had like 2 sips of my drink and then went up to Eoghan McDermott and asked for a picture.  My mum was so shocked that I did that because I normally would never do that but when was I ever going to do this again?  So I just went for it.  I got my picture and chatted to him for like 5 minutes.  It was awesome.  (Eoghan McDermott is an Irish TV presenter and he has a show on Xfm in the UK, you should check it out). 

    I then went and started talking to my friend Eoin about the night and everything.  My mum wanted to take a picture of us all so a few of us got in the picture when lol and behold Danny O’Reilly from The Coronas needs to go by us so he can go to the bathroom.  He was going to wait until we had taken the picture but then my sister was like ‘You can get in it too’.  So got our picture taken with Danny O’Reilly.  And I have my eyes closed, silly me lol.

Me and Eoin started talking to him but then he really needed the toilet so we let him go.  But when he came back out we got more pictures taken with him.  And had another conversation.


I then started talking to my mum, my sister and Eoin about how this had been such a good night, when I see someone who looks like Glen from the Script.  No one believed me that was him.  They said ‘Are you sure? Who really remembers the drummers?’  But I didn’t care so I went up to him and asked him if he was the drummer from the Script and it was.  I could not believe it.  I have loved the Script since I first heard them, I have seen them live 3 times and now I was talking to one of them.  I thought I was going to cry that night because so much was happening.  It was so surreal and overwhelming but I loved every minute of it.  We chatted for like 10 minutes and then Eoghan McDermott came over to him because they are friends and then he made a joke about how Glen is his favourite member of the Coronas and then Glen was like ‘Yeah I’m a great bassist.’  It was so funny.  Then Eoghan took him away but I got a wink of Glen, so I was very happy.

We then went outside and met Eoin and Gari Deegan again.  We were chatting to them, talking about everyone we had met and about The Voice because Gari was on The Voice but I think he was voted off the week before.

We all then went back inside and I saw the bass player of The Coronas and I just had to talk to him and get a picture.  I told him I was going to see them in Glasgow on May 1st then I got my picture with him.

     Then we had to leave because we had another early flight in the morning.  We said goodbye to everyone and went back to the hotel.  It was one of the best, most surreal nights I have ever had.  I met the loveliest people ever.  Even though some of them were famous, they weren’t arrogant or ‘too busy to take a picture’.  Irish people truly are the best.  Conor did us proud and we have booked tickets to go and see the final because we really do think he will make it.  I’m so glad I decided to go, I would be raging if I didn’t.

People of tumblr, you should really youtube The Voice of Ireland.  It is amazing.  You should definitely youtube Conor Quinn and The Coronas.  I have no doubt that both Conor and The Coronas will be huge.

Thanks for reading :)